Who we are

Welcome to Chalk & Chuckles. In our world, a boat signals adventure. A word can conjure a world. And numbers are codes to be cracked.

We’re creative play professionals who don’t see children as vessels to be filled with knowledge.

They are, instead, partners in our journey of exploration and discovery through play. The stresses of education in this hyper-competitive age are immense. In all this focus on learning and vocational skills, we forget that the simplest pleasures are what shape the lives of kids the most. Yes, there are exams to be passed, talents to be honed and accolades earned. But there are also trees to climb, sandcastles to build and puzzles solved.

So roll the dice, plan your moves and take your chances. Let the games begin!

The company

We are a young company that started 4 years back in a basement, when sisters Pallavi and Prachi decided to continue playing for the rest of their life. Pallavi’s background in finance with a degree in Corporate Strategy & Finance from the University of Nottingham; and Prachi’s background in psychology, education & her work with children in schools & therapeutic spaces with degrees in Psychology and Masters in Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education provided a firm base to Chalk and Chuckles.

As a company started by two sisters, we believe in family and community and put families first in everything we do. Our family includes all of us on our team- the inventors, the artists who bring life to the ideas, the distributors and retailers who work hard to bring the games closer to you and the families that play our games and grow with us!

Today Chalk and Chuckles comprises of a manufacturing unit with a focused, passionate and close-knit team. We are proud that Chalk and Chuckles has footprints in several countries worldwide; and hope to enter many more!

Want to know more

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