Make caring fun

Have a cause that you care about & need to raise funds for?

Whether you are a school, a not-for-profit organization, an individual or a child, we’ve got a great fundraiser idea for you.


Sell our games at an event/venue of your choice and earn upto forty percent of the sales from the games sold. Steps for hosting a fundraiser:

      1. Identify your cause.
      2. Identify the amount of money you need to raise.
      3. Contact us using the form.
        Please fill in all fields.
      4. Plan the fundraiser-date, time, venue & send us the details.
      5. Identify volunteers!
        Our suggestion: involve the kids to build teamwork, cooperation and accountability. At the same time, it would help them connect with a cause greater than themselves.
      6. Raise awareness of the cause and the event in your community. We will send you flyers to distribute after your confirmation.
      7. Host the fundraiser!

Together, we can make this world a more caring place and enable our children to have a big impact.

To learn more about hosting a Chalk and Chuckles fundraiser, write to us at [email protected]