Adoorable Race

Color, Shape & Number Game


3+ years

2-4 players

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  • Builds colour, shape & number recognition
  • Promotes turn taking
  • Develops creative thinking & decision making
  • Promotes pretend play


Castle Lost-a-Lot was once on its way back from a party. But when it reached the forest, it lost its way!
Can you use the magical doors to find the castle and rescue it from the enchanted forest?


Open the door to children’s imaginations in an Adoorable Race! Kids create their own paths and choose how to play—either with numbers, colors, or patterns! Spin the spinner & move your boot ahead to the corresponding door. There’s a lot of action in the forest. You may find that you have to move back also. Spin the key to reach the castle at the end. The 1st player to reach the castle wins the game.

  • 12 Doors
  • 4 boots
  • 1 spinner with 3 reversible discs
  • 1 start token
  • 1 finish token
  • Instructions
  • Kids learn to recognise patterns, numbers, and colours as they play.
  • Move through the mysterious land until you reach the castle to win!
  • No reading required to play! Perfect pre-school game.
  • Beautiful handcrafted 12 doors, open to a world of wonder.
  • A-door-ably fun open-ended play to spark the imagination. Use the doors to create stories, dreaming of worlds and wondering who lives behind them.
  • Arrange the different wooden doors creatively to make any kind of path – long, short, curvy or straight.
  • Decide what you want to play with – shape, colour or number.
  • Spin the spinner and move the boot accordingly. For example, if it says green, move your boot to the green door. If it says 2, move it to door number 2.
  • Move back and forth from door to door until you reach the last door. Wait till you get a “key” on the spinner. Once you do, you’ve found the castle!

Bonus Play!
Opening the door on a new story: Get ready to go on imaginative adventures. A mysterious play set for creative storytelling and open-ended play.
Best played on the floor


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