Circus Ruckus

Endless fun of movement


5-9 years

1-4 players



  • Promotes motor skills, developing their strength, flexibility, awareness and control of the body.
  • Boosts confidence and facilitates self expression.
  • Enhances movement vocabulary and instruction following skills.


It’s showtime and get ready for a performance under the ‘Big Top’. The Lion Tamer and his troop of ferocious Lions, Tigers and Bears take over the stage. Time for roaring and wildness with acts like Goofie Footsie or the fireworks dance! Do the shake and the twists, the jumps and the leaps, whistle and hoot for endless fun.


Roll the die and see who’s turn it is to perform- the monkey, the lion, hippo or the elphant? Pick a card and join the fun to imitate the actions of the crazy circus team. Keep the card after a spectacular performance. The player with the most cards wins.

  • 18 cards with 36 poses
  • 1 wooden die
  • 2 ribbon sticks
  • 2 cloth bean bags
  • 4 foam animal masks
  • 1 card stand
  • Instructions
  • Encourages kids to be active with 36 different circus acts.
  • Juggle with the beanbags, or cheer with the ribbon sticks, you will be rolling with laughter!
  • Unplug and use your imagination. It’s your circus and your time! Play at home, in the classroom or outside.
  • Playful time with the entire family to bring out the child in each one!
  • Each player wears an animal mask, the youngest player starts the game by rolling the die.
  • The animal that is rolled performs the card that is on the top of the deck.
  • Follow the instructions and imitate the movement.
  • The other players decide if they think the activity is done correctly. The player then keeps the card until the end of the game. If the player cannot do or incorrectly does what is on the card, it is returned to the bottom of the deck of cards.
  • The game play then continues in a clockwise direction.
  • The game ends either when ‘stop’ is rolled on the die or all cards finish.
  • The player with the maximum number of cards wins the game. .

Lost your copy of the instructions or want to read on the screen? Don’t fret. Download your copy here.

Circus Ruckus instructions


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