Always giving


3 and up years

- players



  • Encourages many positive behaviors and actions.
  • Models thoughtfulness towards peers & adults.
  • Promotes empathy for others.
  • Encourages gratitude & reflective thinking
  • Fosters a caring & compassionate community
  • Grows happy cells
  • Promotes world peace, one individual at a time


Meet Caring Cats™, the most awesome cats that ever purred and meowed in the hippy happy world of the City of Charms! Always on KINDA-FUNTASTIC adventures- full of magical missions and creative kindness!


Hi! I am GoodyGum and I live in the ‘Treasury of Love.’ Apart from the Twinkle Treasure Chests, I also got a big-heart from my GENEROSO family. I have this bag, not just any other bag. But a really SPECIAL and NEVER ENDING bag of GOODIES.

Now I am going to let you in on my BIG secret. The more you draw from this bag to GIVE to others, the more HAPPY you feel. My biggest treat is to SHARE a feast! Be it a NEED, a birthday or a Happy Zappy Un-birthday, there’s always something to give.

My days are busy as I skip along on my giving spree leaving a trail of smiles and confetti around.

  • 1 Plush
  • 1 Kindness stamp
  • 1 Stamp pad
  • Story cards & Kind Missions
  • Bring to your home or classrooms, the adorable & soft Goodygum doll.
  • Encourages caring and kind missions round the year! The benefits of flexing their kindness muscles can continue to help our kids with their health, relationships and their mood when they give, receive, witness and appreciate varied acts of kindness all through the year.
  • These plush friends make the perfect gift for all! Collect them all!
  • Packaging size: 22.9 X 15.9 x 9 cm
  •  Material:
  • Washing instructions:

Hey, I am GoodyGum and I am here to be your friend. Just like me, you’ve got the caring superpower to change the world with one kind thought & action at a time. Invite me in your home or classroom and let the fun begin! Together let’s spread happiness, smiles and magic through sparking kind acts on PURPOSE, EVERYDAY!

I have some kind missions for you to get started. Go ahead, have fun & see the joy you bring to others!

There’s also my seal-The GoodyGum Stamp of Kindness & a Stamp-pad with blank note cards. Get creative with caring and use the cards in your own unique way! Though I have included a few ideas.


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