Grammar Wise

Colourful language


6+ years

2-4 players



  • Advances language and communication skills.
  • Develops grammar and enhances vocabulary. It builds upon the child’s ability to identify parts of speech and provide examples of them.


Mr Noun, Ms Pronoun, Mr Verb and Ms Adjective are scattered all over. Get to know them better and test your English grammar. Can you help them find their best matched friends? And they can help you create new sentences.


A player rolls the colour die. On your turn match one of your tokens to the same coloured face of the tokens on the table, while also matching the words with the parts of speech. A game that will get you exercising your colour and language muscles at the same time!

  • 40 cardboard tokens
  • 2 start cardboard tokens
  • 1 wooden colour die
  • 1 Answer sheet
  • Instructions
  • A playful way to learn grammar that requires deep processing, ensuring that you remember your parts of speech well.
  • Distribute 6 tokens each among the players
  • Roll the dice to get a particular colour. The colour on the die tells you to attach one of your tokens to that particular coloured face of the tokens laid out on the table.
  • Match one of your allotted tokens to the same coloured face of the tokens on the table. While doing this, you also have to match the words with the parts of speech.
  • Now use the words in a sentence of your own and say it aloud.
  • Once you have added your token to those on the table, you must draw another one.
  • You might have to miss a turn or draw more tokens as instructed.
  • The player who finishes his/her tokens first is the winner.


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