Jack In The Box

Colour Match me


2-4 years

1-4 players



  • Fine motor skills
  • Colour recognition & Matching
  • Turn-taking & Patience
  • Sequencing


The multi-coloured Jack brothers love clowning around and jumping out of boxes to surprise their friends. But they seem to have lost their bounce. Help the Jacks connect to their colourful springs, so they can go back to crazily popping out of boxes. Join the fun to add colour to indoor gloomy days.


Players roll the dice to add a matching coloured spring to their box. If you roll a Jack, your Jack in the Box is complete. Race with each other to build the tallest Jack in the Box.

  • 4 Jack faces
  • 4 start boxes
  • 40 coloured springs
  • 4 sequencing cards
  • 1 wooden colour die
  • A brightly colored matching dice game with bouncing Jack in the Box.
  • No reading required
  • A fun and easy game to learn colour matching, colour recognition and sequencing.
  • Make your own rules and have fun!
  • One game, many ways to play!

Game 1:

  • Each player takes a box.
  • The youngest player rolls the coloured dice. S/he matches the colour on the dice with a spring of the same colour and places it on his/her box.
  • The other players take turns to do the same.
  • If a child rolls a Jack, his/her Jack in the Box is complete.
  • The other players continue to play until they complete their own Jack in the Box.
  • Build the tallest ‘Jack in the Box’ without adding more than 2 springs of each colour.

Game 2: Play alone or with others.

Pick a card

Choose the right coloured springs and create a Jack in the Box exactly like the one shown on your card.

When playing with others, take turns to roll the die and be the first to complete the same Jack in the Box as your card.

Bonus play!

Create your own rules to enjoy game variations by mixing and matching the colourful springs in different ways.


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