Keychain Dolls

Make & Sell for a cause


8+ years

1 or more players



  • Promotes imagination & creativity
  • Enhances patience, organization skills & goal directed persistence
  • Advances leadership and business skills
  • Develops compassion & empathy
  • Promotes self-expression, confidence & personal agency


Things are getting busy at Helpfilli’s Handy Help Station today. There’s a cause to support and a fun fundraiser to plan. They are on a lookout for creative caring crafts.


Choose a cause or charity you want to support and make 15 wooden beads keychain dolls. Go ahead & plan your own Handy Help Station & SELL your crafts to raise funds.

  • 18m/19.6 yd Cotton wax thread
  • 35m/38yd Acrylic Yarn
  • 2m/2.18 yd Ribbon
  • 19.5m/21yd Cotton thread
  • 38 Wooden Beads
  • 15 Metal Rings
  • 2 Brush Pens
  • Craft tool maker
  • Craft Glue
  • Instructions
  • A fun & crafty fundraiser you can do! Awesome for schools, or any group or kids that want to raise money for something.
  • Having a birthday party? Great as an activity and a gift!
  • Can be played alone or in a group.
  • We give the supplies & the ideas to make the world a brighter place. The rest is up to you! Just activate your imagination to picture the goodness radiating across the land.
  •  Unleash your inner hero! We are ALL born makers. A kit designed to move our knowledge from our hearts through our hands.
  • Use the guided instructions or get creative & make your own designs. Fantastic for boys too!
  • Choose a cause or charity you want to support.
  • Set a fundraising goal and price your creations.
  • Make 15 wooden beads keychain dolls. Follow the illustrated instructions or add your own unique style & be creative.
  • Go ahead & plan your own Handy Help Station & SELL your crafts to raise funds.
  • Unleash the little entrepreneur in you and your creative talent!
    Show up with love in your heart to make a BIG difference for those in need!


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