Long Legs

Funny Math Game


6-9 years

2-4 players



  • Advances mathematical skills-counting, basic operations & math concepts.
  • Develops thinking skills, strategy and problem-solving
  • Facilitates flexibility & patience.
  • Promotes processing speed and quick action.


The cute little Monsters are just waiting to grow. Slide them up or down, and there you go! Leggy and Teeny are two Monster friends, and love to have a party with their dice and cards. While Leggy likes to grow tall as fast as he can, Teeny enjoys getting shorter! Can you help them in their friendly race to grow tall or short?


Grab your monster ruler and roll the number die. Add the number to your monster legs and move the slider up to grow his legs. The player with the longest legs (i.e. reaches 50) wins the game.


  • 2 Wooden number dice
  • 4 Wooden Rulers with sliders
  • 24 cards
  • Instruction sheet


  • A simple math game with a monstrous dose of fun.
  • Includes 4 wooden rulers with sliding monsters.


One game, many ways to play!

Games 1 & 2: Leggy Long Legs or Teeny Weeny Miney Mo

  • Decide at the start if you want to play a tall or a short game.
  • Roll the number die.
  • Add/subtract the number to your monster legs and move the slider up/down.
  • Take turns to roll the die and add/subtract height to your monster.
  • The monster with the longest/shortest legs wins.

Game 3: Leggy and Teeny’s wild card game

  • Take turns to pull out a card and roll the dice.
  • Use the card and the number rolled to solve the math puzzle.
  • Be the first to solve the card and slide your slider to the correct answer and grab the card.


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