Super Math Spy

Speedy Game of Math


7+ years

2-4 players



  • Builds logical-mathematical intelligence: Enhances addition, subtraction, multiplication and division practice as you learn to make equations.
  • Active practice in mental math
  • Develops problem solving skills
  • Promotes quick thinking


There are spies on a mission! Solve the mystery of Math, with decoder glasses and lots of calculations in the shortest time. Sharpen your mind and speed up your mental math. Can you reach your mission before your friends?


The Spies wear their decoder glasses in a rush to solve their mission cards first. Pick up the fingerprints with numbers (1-9) on them to make your own equation, to solve the mission card.

  • 100 mission cards
  • 27 fingerprint number tokens
  • 1 wooden die
  • 4 decoder glasses
  • Never the same, it’s a game you’ll want to play over and over again.
  • Decoder glasses to make math fun!
  • Great family game for all
  • Wear your decoder glasses and take 5 cards each .
  • Roll the operation die, and immediately start picking up the fingerprint tokens (1-9) to make the number on your mission card in an equation.
  • The first one to solve the mission, screams out loud ‘Mission accomplished’ and gets rid of that card.
  • Be the Spy Master by solving the Mission cards first and be left with no cards

Lost your copy of the instructions or want to read on the screen? Don’t fret. Download your copy here.

Super Math Spy instructions


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