You are what you play !

Play & develop

We develop games that enable children to develop skills for tomorrow from the games they play today.

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A playful lens to your New Year resolutions

The New Year is here and we are sure many of you have already crafted your perfect New Year resolutions- challenging, imagining, inventing with a new determination and confidence.

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Caring Cats

Kindness around town

Gloom and doom have covered the hippy happy Town of Charms. Join the 5 Caring Cats to spread kindness!

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Thoughtful kind

A little cat with a large heart and many kind thoughts! Be nicer than is needed and team up with him, because together we are LOUDER!

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Keychain & Glasses Case

Make to gift

From the Awesome Attic of MakerMax, a heartwarming Kindalicious craft to make & gift!

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