Rolling Tales

Stories with imagination


5-99 years

1+ players

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  • Advances oral and written expression
  • Promotes imagination and creative thinking
  • Encourages emotional expression and helps to create stories with emotions & details.
  • Promotes self-expression & Confidence


The dice have rolled all the way from Storyville to help you create fun and interesting stories. Each dice has picture clues to help you get started. Play with one or all of them to create unique tales.


Players select a few Characters/Objects and Feelings dice and roll them. Connect the pictures that land face up on the dice, until you have included all the face-up elements.  The story can be as wacky or fun as your imagination will allow.

  • 9 Dice (6 character/objects Dice, 3 Feelings Dice)
  • A 4-Pocket Writing Process Folder
  • 1 Cloth bag
  • What’s really different? Great stories are a combination of facts, emotions and details. Stories come alive in the emotions and details, but so often we ignore this & instead, our stories are simply just the facts told chronologically. Rolling Tales ensures that your stories include emotions.
  • 54 objects, charcaters or feelings & limitless combinations.
  • A non-competitive and creative story telling game
  • Includes a 4 pocket writing process folder to stage your writing.
  • Use at home, in the classrooms, drama clubs or your office. Great for literacy development, creative inspiration or a mental workout.
  • Best played: In the creative factory!
  • Choose to play with one or more of the Characters/Objects and Feelings dice.
  • Roll the dice.
  • Connect the pictures that land face up on the dice to build creative stories

Bonus play:

  • Write down the stories using the Writing Process Folder.
  • Proudly display them on the notice board or fridge for others to read.
  • Make the game more interesting by play-acting all stories that unfold.


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