Season Wise

From sun to snow


3-6 years

2-4 players



  • Categorisation & thinking
  • Season Identification
  • Quick thinking & response


The seasons change 4 times a year,

From Spring to Winter, they appear.

The seasons change, from sun to snow,

But there’s so much more to know!

Time to check if you’re season wise!


Do you know in which season flowers bloom? When do birds lay eggs? And when do you play with snow? Hurry and answer, before the season changes again! A season card is opened and players rush to be the 1st to pick up the right season prop and place it on the corresponding season board. If you are correct, you get to keep the card. The player with the maximum cards is the winner.

  • 40 cards
  • 4 season boards
  • 4 felt season ornaments
  • This fast-paced, fun game is great for kids to learn about different seasons.
  • It also functions as a skill-builder for elementary school and helps build language and reasoning skills.
  • Perfect for play at both home and in the classroom

Place the 4 season boards and 4 season ornaments in the centre.

  • Turn over a card from the cards pile.
  • Figure out which season the picture on the card belongs to. Pick up the correct season ornament and place it on a matching season board.
  • The first one to place the correct season ornament on the correct season board, wins the card.
  • The player with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner

Lost your copy of the instructions or want to read on the screen? Don’t fret. Download your copy here.

Season Wise instructions



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